Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AZ budget info....again

I know I've neglected this blog for the past few months. I've been busy working with kids, doing a few projects, and actually taking a vacation. However, this DRAFT of a budget crossed my radar today and I thought I'd share.
I know its long, but it isn't terribly dense. Read or skim it all, even if you have to do it in multiple sittings. Keep in mind that this isn't set in stone, but it is a bit worrisome. Page 35 discusses possible restriction/elimination of Early Intervention, and specifies that this would cost the state its funding from IDEA part C. Here's a little takeaway quote for you:
"However, Arizona already falls into the “narrow” band of early intervention eligibility nationally and it is uncertain whether the federal government would approve a stricter standard. If federal approval could not be acquired, the state would no longer receive IDEA Part C funds and would not have the obligation to provide early intervention services through state funds. Children eligible for ATLCS would be unaffected, but the other 9,100 children (on an annual basis) may lose their services. Even for those who continue to receive services though their health plans, services may be difficult to access, time-limited, and uncoordinated across disciplines. The savings estimate for this option assumes the loss of the federal Part C grant, though the Department obviously prefers a solution that maintains the grant while reducing the pressure on state funds."
That section goes on to describe the benefits of early intervention, and the impact that would come from eliminating it.

Read, call, write, post