Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Cost Participation and Redesign...again

Now nobody panic because I haven't heard anything definite, but the mumblings are now that FCP is slated to kick in on 11-1-10, and DDD redesign (aka the team based approach) may be starting in early 2011. Here is the letter that I think went out to families or may be going out soon.
The family letter:
This notice is to inform you about an upcoming change in how the Division of Developmental
Disabilities (DDD) provides early intervention services to children birth to three with developmental
delays and developmental disabilities. The changes emphasize working together as a team, increasing
access to services and making birth to three services more coordinated for families.
DDD, under the umbrella of the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP), provides early
intervention services to eligible children, birth to three, and their families. In the early intervention
program, families and professionals work together to support and enhance children’s growth,
development, and learning in their natural environment. In addition to the increased coordination and
access to services, this change will also enhance the Department of Economic Security’s ability to
provide timely services as required by Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA.)

For the past few years, the Department of Economic Security’s early intervention programs, DES/AzEIP
and DDD, have been working to ensure that Arizona’s children and families receive needed services and
supports in ways that are most beneficial to them. At community forums held statewide, families,
providers and other interested stakeholders shared their thoughts about the early intervention program.
A plan for “redesign” was drafted and families and professionals were invited to review and comment.
Based on their input, AzEIP implemented a new “team-based service” model in 2008 for those families
served by contractors of DES/AzEIP (not eligible for DDD).

In early 2011, DDD will begin implementing early intervention services with this team-based
model. The goal is to improve the way in which families and children receive supports and
significantly expand access to early intervention services.

Early intervention services provided by a team means that each team will have the capacity to provide
occupational, physical and speech therapies, developmental special instruction, social work and
psychology services. A family and their “team” will decide which provider will be the family’s “team
lead” to coordinate with other team members. By having each professional working as part of the same
team, the family will have the benefit of their combined expertise. Support coordination services will
continue to be provided by DDD.

When the new service model is implemented it may mean some changes in who provides services.
There will be opportunities to ask questions and learn about the changes through both a comment period
on the Qualified Vendor application and informational sessions to provide more specifics on how the
team based model will operate and guidance on transition to the new model.
DDD looks forward to continuing its commitment to working with you, your family, and your child.

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