Saturday, May 23, 2009

Right of the Month- May

To be informed about the types of records and information which are kept on your child and family, and the steps you can take to review and request changes to those records.

The agency I work for, and most other agencies that I know of, keep a file for each child/family in service. Our files include things like current IFSP's, evaluations, therapy reports, things signed at intake, and logs from each visit. Since the files are about your child, as the parent you have the right to ask to see the file. We prefer to make an appointment so that someone can sit down and go through the file with you, but there isn't anything in the file that you wouldn't be allowed to see. I believe the procedures with the DDD might be a bit different and a bit more formalized, but I searched briefly on their site and didn't find any info. If you are requesting a copy of your child's DDD file for some reason, calling your support coordinator would be a good first step.

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