Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sit tight...

and wait. That's the advice that is being given to families in service right now. The DES is aware of the court's decision, and is considering what it will do. Hopefully we'll hear something within the next week or so.
Until then, (and legally after that also) IFSP's are still in effect, and are still legally binding. That means that services should continue. Keep contacting legislators, DDD officials, and anyone else who doesn't realize these services are essential for helping kiddos reach their potential.
If a provider or support coordinator tells you that your services are being discontinued, first of all ask for it in writing. Second, call AzEIP 602-532-9960 or DDD 602-364-1379 or statewide 866-229-5553 and report it. I would also be interested in knowing if this is happening.
It has also been suggested that parents may want to call and restart the request for a due process hearing. The phone # is 602-532-9960. If you get voice mail, make sure to leave your name and phone # (# two times so they will be sure to get it correct and be able to contact you).
I have a PDF of the court's actual ruling, but I don't think I can post PDF's here, and I don't have an actual link. If you are interested in reading it, let me know and I can e-mail it to you.


  1. this is something everyone in the disabled community should be concern and fight for

  2. I have been in a whirl-wind with my 11 month old son because "something is wrong". I was approved for AzEip this morning, but they never mentioned anything like this.

    Do I run the risk of never getting their support afterall?