Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Right of the Month- June

To withhold family information from your records or discussions with service providers.

I've heard from many families in service that between intakes, evaluations, doctors, and therapists, they feel like they recite their family and child's history...several times over. As a therapist, I can say that the more I know about your family and child, the better I can assist you. However, this has to be balanced against the family's need for (and right to) privacy. Ultimately, the line is drawn differently for each family, and with each professional, and I would love to hear about how any readers have decided to draw those lines.

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  1. Stacy,

    Thanks for sharing this information. Families do have the right to limit how much information they share. Mother's need to know that their medical history may become part of the record if they sign consents to a child's birth record, but families can spell out limits to their consents--they can say that the early intervention can access the child's record but none of the mother's medical history is to be included. Furthermore, families have the right under FERPA (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act) to review/inspect their file and if they find errors or things which they disagree with families can request that they be removed/amended or have a letter of explanation added to the file.

  2. Thanks for that clarification and additional information!