Monday, June 22, 2009

You're Not Listening rally June 23rd


The “You’re Not Listening!” event takes place TUESDAY, June 23. This event will have a different feel/appeal than what has been done in the past.

There has been marching, rallying, chanting, singing, moments of silence, emailing, phone calling, meeting with your legislators, articles in the news, letters to the editor, interest stories on the news/tv and the list goes on… These efforts HAVE made a difference. A judgment was awarded resulting in 69 days without budget cuts and restoration of non-title 19 funded services – so far; restoration of Early Intervention Services and a renewed sense of urgency and attention to the disabled population. But we cannot stop there. We need assurances for our children well beyond the age of 3. Our State government is NOT LISTENING to our cries for justice for ALL disabled citizens.

Therefore think visual, symbolic, strong messages that convey images, feelings and thoughts, to other participants. Our focused target group is the Governor, Legislators, the press/media and passersby.


  • Earmuffs representing you’re not listening/hearing us
  • Trace two hands together and “cut” off one finger – representing a loss of 10%

**Place your name, address, phone number on the back for delivery to Governor/Legislators**

  • Group of 100 people, 90 in white shirts, 10 in black.
  • Candlelight Vigil – 100 candles, 10 not lit

We need large banners like bed sheets, bolts of cloth with statements representing what “You’re Not Listening” means to you and the individuals you serve. Use your body as a billboard – wearing white t-shirts with your message of “You’re Not Listening”. Or depict thoughts and feelings about being developmentally disabled – that it is a challenge in itself - having to justify that disability - having to justify necessary life supporting services - having to settle for anything less than whole is an injustice – merciless - acts of violence (another train of thought).

Timelines…..this is an estimate, details will be sent Monday 6/22/09

11:30a – Governors tower

12:00p – Press Release House Lawn

12:30p – House of Representatives

1pm – Senate

Prayer/Candlelight Vigil – 7pm-9pm

As Tom stated in his last email, “I am begging each of you to put aside any differences and work together to fight the extremely destructive appropriations that will hurt people with disabilities, their families and providers of service for years to come, if they are approved as currently recommended. We would love to see you next Tuesday and we hope you will support our efforts to get our Governor and Legislature to listen to our plea.”

Please forward this notice, as well as future notices, to anyone you think might be potentially interested.

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