Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DDD Update

Yesterday the judge made a preliminary ruling on the injunction. He ruled in favor of the AAPPD (Arizona Association of Programs for People with Disabilities), and against the Arizona DDD/DES.
Here is the legalese:
"A declaratory judgment that SB1001, First Special Session, of the 2009 Arizona Legislature is invalid and unenforceable and that said Act may not be enforced or implemented, at the very least with respect to the DES-DDD program reductions.
B. Temporary, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, restraining these defendants, their officers, agents and employees from implementing SB1001 in any respect with regard to the DES-DDD program.
C. Temporary, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief restraining defendant's, their officers, agents and employees from implementing the DES FY2009 budget reductions directed by these defendants as their method of administering SB1001."

The Attorney General's office has asked for time for "special considerations" and they have been given until Wednesday (tomorrow) to submit them. Keep in mind that this injunction is PRELIMINARY and TEMPORARY. The judge is to decide tomorrow how long it will be, or he could retract the injunction altogether. There is hope for some sort of agreement with the DES, since the judge cannot order legislation to give the DES money.
Overall, we are cautiously optimistic. Its a step in the right direction, but nothing official has changed yet. We're still holding our breath(s), and it looks like whatever decision is made will come down to the wire.

For those in the Tucson area, there is a rally this week at Reid Park in Ramada 7. It will be on Friday the 13th from 10am-12pm. This is to show support for families who have been affected by the cuts to AZ Early Intervention.

For those looking for news stories to pass along, here is one that appeared today and summarizes the issue very well.

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