Monday, March 16, 2009

Important info for Parents

A speech-language pathologist who has been blogging about the DDD/DES cuts has a very informative post up about due process info, and sharing your Early Intervention story. Check it out here!

I second her recommendation to join the AZEarlyInterventionParents/Caregivers group on yahoo. There are several advocates and members of ICC who post, as well as parents and providers. This group has been extremely helpful to me in keeping up to date with everything going on in EI right now. You can read messages from their homepage, but in order to post to the group you have to sign up with a yahoo ID.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Stacy!

    FYI: I just added your feed to my sidebar.

    I think that linking back and forth is a better option for the readers so they don't get lost in all the text, and so important posts don't get buried so quickly due to trailing behind long text-heavy posts. : )