Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I suppose I can post this

It will be public knowledge soon enough. I heard from a DDD support coordinator (and my supervisor heard from another source) that 10-day termination letters to families went in the mail today. My understanding is that means most services for children who do not qualify for long term care will end on March 13. We still have not been told when we'll have to stop providing services. It may become clearer when we actually see the letters that go out, but right now it isn't looking good. Families will still have the option of trying to get their insurance to cover therapies (which can be difficult), or paying privately (not cheap). Truly, though, we are in the 11th hour, waiting for a pardon.
I don't know exactly what I thought would happen with all of the protests and everything, but it doesn't appear to have worked. There were ways to avoid these cuts, and they are opting not to take them. What they're doing isn't even legal- an IFSP is a binding document, the same as an IEP, and it can't be changed (including changing services) without the ok of the entire team, which includes the parents. The state could be facing some more pretty serious legal ramifications for all of this.
Honestly, right now I'm sticking to "just the facts m'aam" because I can't bring myself to go any deeper than that. What I'll do job-wise is secondary right now to the thought of probably more than 3000 families of kids ages 0-3 who will be losing services. All of the kids that I WON'T be seeing anymore. All of the kids that I'm just getting to know, and the ones I've been seeing for more than a year. All of the families who have told me that having therapists there has been the difference between being set adrift in a strange land, and having a road map and someone to guide the way.
In a way, though, this doesn't put me much closer to a resolution. We're still providing services, but with an axe over our heads that could drop any minute. And I hate goodbyes. I generally refuse to say them until the last possible minute, and even then I don't do a good job of them.
I've been sitting here with this staring at me since 8:55pm, and I'm stuck. I still don't know what to say. This is still sort of surreal, and it may stay that way until or unless the axe drops and I actually have to say goodbyes.

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