Thursday, March 5, 2009

I won't say I feel hopeful yet, but this fight isn't over. A majority of my families received their 10 day cancellation letters (including at least one child who shouldn't have received one). There are instructions at the bottom for how to appeal the decision, so we are encouraging parents to write letters of appeal and send them to all interested parties. I posted a sample letter of appeal yesterday, along with instructions for where to send them.
On the legal end, the judge is supposed to rule on the lawsuit Monday. Those present felt that it went well and that we stand a chance. I'm not sure exactly what it would mean for the judge to find in our favor, but it would definitely be a good start.
The magnitude of this situation hits me all over again with every visit that I make. Today I visited a little boy that I've been seeing for almost a year and a half. When we began, he wasn't walking. Now he is walking, climbing, and just about at age level in speech (he has also been receiving speech therapy weekly, and for a short time he also received physical therapy). Its amazing how much good we can do when families can get help EARLY. It is SO much harder to break a bad habit than to just build good habits the first time around. There are countless other kids with a similar story- this is just one.

I'm curious. Has anyone else received a termination letter even though their child qualifies for ALTCS/Long Term Care? I'd be interested to know how many letters were mistakenly sent out.

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