Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reinstating Services

The DDD/DES was court-ordered to send out a letter telling parents/families that all of the suspended services will be reinstated. However, we aren't sure when the letters will arrive, since good news generally travels more slowly than bad news. If you are unsure, or waiting for services to be restored, call your SC (support/service coordinator) and make sure the authorizations have gone through. If they have, ask how long the services are authorized for, and if they haven't, ask why not. I was told today by a SC that none of the current authorizations had been officially canceled yet (the computer was supposed to do it over the weekend). There are, however, some children whose authorizations expired or were not renewed during an IFSP.
In my particular case, I was seeing a child whose services were due to end tomorrow (because of when his IFSP was and because the DDD was not renewing any authorizations). The support coordinator called and said that all services had been re-authorized. We don't know for how long, but it shouldn't take more than a phone call to find out.
Keep in mind that for some SC's, Friday and/or Monday may be a mandatory furlough (non-work) day.
Remember, this injunction is a good thing, but it is only a stoppage of the clock. In order to get the systemic changes that will prevent this from happening again, the legislators NEED to be hearing from families who are being affected. There is contact info in the previous post for everyone I could think of.

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